Silicon Valley Tourism

Many people visit Palo Alto, and Silicon Valley tourism draws visitors to this area of California at all times of the year. Although many large technology corporations are located here, very few allow visitors into their facilities. It is possible to arrange tours of some of the technology companies, but a worker’s badge is required to enter many of them due to the possibility of espionage and the secrecy of the products that they are developing. Instead of touring Google, Facebook, and other companies, it is much more common for visitors to visit museums that deal with the development and evolution of technology over the years.

Silicon Valley TourismThere are museums that tourists often find interesting, such as the Computer History Museum where you can see the development of computers and how they have affected the world. There are 19 galleries and five mini-theaters explaining the progression of computers. Tourists can also see the Hewlett Packard Garage, a historic landmark that was the birthplace of Silicon Valley in 1939. The Intel Museum is another interesting spot with over 10,000 square feet of displays and interesting exhibits for guests to see. Many of them are inter-active and allow tourists to try working displays by themselves. NASA’s Ames Research Center is another educational and interesting spot for visitors of all ages where you can watch the latest space launch or take part in an interactive space display.

Another popular museum is the Tech Museum where interactive displays keep tourists busy and interested for many hours. It is the only Silicon Valley museum that provides hands-on experiences in earth sciences, virtual design and microchips, genetics, and alternative energy. There are many activities for all age groups at this museum. Displays are continually rotated with new exhibits and programs. If tourists are looking for one of the best children’s museums in the world, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose has been ranked as one of the best in the world. It is located in downtown San Jose, near the Silicon Valley.

There are many other interesting things to do in Silicon Valley, such as exploring one of the nearby small cities that are in the valley. There are many parks, vineyards, shopping areas, and other places to go. San Jose is home to the J. Lohr vineyards and Wines where it is possible to tour the vineyards and taste some wine while visiting. The Village of Saratoga is home to the Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards. There is a tasting room, and it is possible to tour the vineyards at this large estate as well. The Picchetti Winery is a ranch location that is close to the Silicon Valley. Guests have the opportunity to taste wine and picnic on the grounds or hike on the trails on the property. This is one of the oldest wineries in the Silicon Valley.

Other interesting spot to visit is the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, located in San Jose. It has a huge Egyptian temple and has 4,000 artifacts, such as mummies and sarcophagi. Admission fees include a ticket to the planetarium, and there are gardens surrounding the museum that are in bloom most of the year. The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion that was constructed continuously for 38 years and is supposedly haunted. It is a tourist attraction that is known for its size and odd construction.

The cities and village that are located in Silicon Valley frequently host a variety of festivals and activities that reflect holidays and times of the year. There are jazz festivals, Christmas events, St. Patrick’s Day activities, and something is occurring in one of the towns that comprise the Silicon Valley almost every day of the year.